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From Catania drive along the SS 514 to Ragusa (90KM); once you arrive in the vicinity of Ragusa, enter the Sp 60 – Exit for Santa Croce Camerina – Ragusa Ovest, in the direction of Santa Croce Camerina;at 13 Kms turn to the left, entering the SP 76, in the direction of “Torre Mastro”, proceed for about 1,1 km and when you see the sign turn right, finding yourself i the characteristic “trazzera” 900 metres long, which leads you to the “Grotta di Ferro Estate”

From Syracuse. Pozzallo (PORT). Take the SS 115 and the SS 514. once you reach Ragusa enter the SP 25direction for Marina di Ragusa; At 11,400 km turn to the right, and take the SP 76 direction “Torre Mastro”; Continue for about 4,5 km and When you see the sign “Casina Grotta Di Ferro”, turn to the left and enter the road of the the Estate.

On request, there is a bus/shuttle service available from /for “Pio La Torre” airport of Comiso – Ragusa. 

Satellite : N 36° 50′ 55.2810925”, E 14° 34′ 52.3163652”

Latitude: 36.84868919237427, Longitude 14.581198990345001

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